Thursday, July 5, 2007

Web 2.0 and 3.0 flaws and visions

I have been complaining for years of the flaws of this Virgin internet we have. Well not about the flaws in the system but the lack of ambition of the web programmers. I feel like we are all stuck in a "hello world" program. The potential is massive but its use grossly underutilized. So am I going to quit bitching and start my own web 2.0 application...

First think about this.
Ever read one of those reviews about a beta project and the reviewer says pretty nice except for "xyz" which is the beta part. That pisses me off. Its stupid. Thats the same with criticizing a web 2.0 concept. The fact that it is described with a revision number ie 2.0 is a clue. Maybe we should call it 1.90210 instead. Its not done. Let me reiterate a web 2.0 project requires the participatory audience to make it work. The reaction and direction of the audience determines the path of the project. And the programmers implement the next step. You cant, program the entire concept (unless its a simple 'hello world' type web 2.0 app.) in one shot without the users.

If your complaining about flaws in a web 2.0 enterprise, its the same as approaching Picasso when he is half way done with a painting and critiquing it. It should never, ever, be done. Complain about how a bit of structured programming affects the usability of the site but not about the site itself. Suggest ways of improvement, particularly ones that are visionary and will help all web 2.0 sites.

One last thing, I want to give a heads up or hint to Andrew Keen (heard him on radio, not read the book) we have not built the trust network or digital id for the common web surfer yet. Actually it has been built but not widely implemented yet, its the openid system. Sprinkle in the trust matrix and then the sky is the limit, hey we are talking world peace, etc. here. So don't be surprised if you get peoples ire up, when you shit on this salvation for the human race, unless of course you are just building you web traffic.

We are so close, and i want to be a part of it.