Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How the thirty smartest people in the world are working to save it.

I am working on saving the world.  I figured I would first invent a universal problem solving machine and then turn it on.  While setting it up I wondered what all those people far smarter than I were doing about the problem.  (6th mass extinction, loss of species, loss of resources) I found this link, http://superscholar.org/smartest-people-alive/ I read all the summeries.  Not one is working on saving the world from ourselves.  The closest I guess is Noam Chomsky as he has tackled the problems at least a bit, but he generally is focused on documenting the destruction of society instead of altering it.  Reminds me of the joke were the airplane is going down and there are not enough parachutes, but not to worry as the smartest man in the world jumped out with someone's backpack instead of a parachute.

Really quite astonishing.  Of the thirty smartest in the world, zero working on saving it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Train Safety Update - after reviewing crash in Italy

Regarding this accident.
Official: 20 Dead in Head-On Train Crash in Southern Italy

I had another idea to improve train safety.  Before I get into it let me note that my last post referred to an mobile app for safety.  Also that I lived near a railroad crossing growing up and trains destroyed cars on three occasions near my house, twice happening to people we know.

So here is another technical safety idea.  Simply create a light weight robotic train scout that rides on the tracks far enough ahead to be able to report back any conditions that might require the train to stop.  The scout would have to be light and small and be able to stop rapidly in the event a car is on the railroad tracks but it would be designed to not be deadly if it did strike a car at a railroad crossing, or a pedestrian perhaps via airbags.  The robotic scout would report back:

  1. Live video feed for the conductor. (Imagine a herd of cattle on tracks)
  2. The track conditions, preventing derailment.
  3. That upcoming street crossing were clear and barriers were in place.
  4. That no other scout or train is heading straight for them.
  5.  And it could report conditions to a mobile phone app used by the passengers.