Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Train Safety provided by Citizens through Mobile phone app.

Train safety cell phone app.
With a few minutes of research it appears to me a mobile phone app could have saved those people in the recent Philadelphia train crash, on 5/12/2015.  Amtrak already has a reservation app, they just need to program a gps speed monitor and link the app to a database of track speed limits.  Then simply put the cell phone number of the conductor and presto you have a crude safety net, as least as far as monitoring speed limits.  {In fact a car stuck on tracks could warn a train if they already had the app as well} If multiple phones report a speed violation and Amtrak HQ can not slow the train remotely the app issues a warning to the mobile phone owner to contact train personnel or to execute an emergency stop.

Here is the link, to the current 'Vital Positive Train Control' video.   and here is a link to the Amtrak app,

This seems like an easy move to make at least until they get there professional grade system working everywhere.