Friday, February 29, 2008

Those against Network Nuetrality are Un-American


Comcast Admits to Planting Attendees at FCC Hearing

The media giant Comcast has admitted to paying people to fill the seats at a government hearing on net-neutrality. The gathering at Harvard University Monday was one of several organized by the Federal Communications Commission to gather public input. Critics say Comcast was trying to take space away from critics of media consolidation. Harvard says dozens of genuine participants were forced to stand outside the hearing unable to participate.

What irony, don't you get it. Comcast gave us an old school demonstration of what happens when you eliminate network neutrality. You in this case comcast, would pay to get to the front of the line so you don't have to wait, or in this case since the venue reached capacity, without paying a premium for a free event you don't get in at all.

If you do not support network nuetrality you really are unamerican. Whats next, when you go to a public event there will be two lines, one for the specially privileged and one for the rest. This is the issue.

Warning for those politicians who are against network neutrality, soon you will be compared to incestuous child rapists, when the rest wake up your only chance will be to pray the voters believe you when you explain that you were too dumb to understand the network neutrality concept.