Wednesday, December 9, 2009

World Court rules: All energy patents now in Public Domain.

Imagine that the heading of this post were true.

Regarding the news surrounding the Copenhagen conference today, Dec 12, 2009 as reviewed by me on

Apparently there is a secret plan b, whereby the developed nations get 2x as much allowed pollution per person in 2050.

I suggest plan C:
Realizing that the lead polluter was the United States, and that our debt is the largest. Also that counties reserve the right to contain or keep patents under wraps in the interest of National Security. I suggest flipping the scenario:

The United States public domain all energy patents in the interest of world peace and security.
If needed we compensate those that have there patents taken.

Climate debt is for real, and we Americans owe a shitload. If we simply get lucky enough to negotiate to pay for half of what we owe, imagine how much that is. Imagine every mile you drive, having to pay x dollars, maybe 5x what you paid for the gas for sequestration of the pollution you output. Now also imagine paying that for all the gas, electricity, etc. that you have ever used your entire life. Now hear this, you OWE that debt. And the richer and more resource you used the more you owe...

If I was the developing world I think I would sue in the world court. Because they could get a judgment passed for damages. Since the USA probably would not pay the damages, the court could award damages that could be collected without cooperation from the USA. The court could award the rights to all the necessary intellectual property that's protected under international patent and trademark law. For sure stuff relating to energy but also the protections for AIDS medicines would be cleared for use by developing nations. Virtually everything the first world has ever developed that can be taken without force should be used. If this threatens future intellectual property development, then governments or the UN could give a cash award to the creators of the intellectual property that was effectively eminently domained. Also these projects could be and I think should be continued in an open source way instead of with the for profit model. When it comes to saving the earth, or at a minimum, millions of lives, our current for profit incentive system of intellectual property development has not been effective what so ever, in fact its what caused vast amounts of damage.

Where is the public domain blueprints of the most efficient internal combustion engine in the world? Where is the open franchise system for solar panel development? Where is the open and free design for the worlds most practical solar hot water heater?

Are we to tell developing nations that have almost nothing compared to us that they must pay to get into the modern game?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Elect Schmiege

Hi everyone. Since I am running for office I better mention my website at

Leonard Schmiege
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Friday, June 19, 2009

An Incredible Petition system for Florida.

I has been over a year since I started working diligently on my petition project. Now it is possible to sign up for petitions at This site is for Florida voters only. It allows a request for a pack of petitions from the New Petition Network. These are petitions to change the Florida State constitution. If you are a civic minded voter in Florida you will definitely want to check it out. (Update 2012, is where you will find Florida Petitioning)