Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is it a Hoax? 'World Census' (should have been posted April 1)

A small web start up in St. Petersburg, Florida has decided to put an internet theory into action.

  1. Worlds societies are projected to collapse.  It will happen before you or your children die of natural causes.  It is now in your timeline of life, not just the kids or grandkids.  Our system of corporate democracy is failing to sustain the life that what we can all agree on.  If we continue on the current planned course, the shit hits the fan.
  2. Theory, using the internet we could coordinate all people of the world and devise a solution.  We can easily build the tools to do this.
  3. To build tools we need the network effect.  [We have the Chicken and egg problem?]  Need to coordinate billions to be counted and be uniquly identitified.  They, you, may be able to do as little as read one email per month and vote, or default your voting to a chosen proxy holder.
  4. Once we have 100 million participants at $1 each.  We can build with the hundred million dollars the web  tools required to coordinate and save ourselves.

* Action:  In the meantime Floridians may join, an project to localize and test this concept in Florida.

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