Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is not every human worth at least a web notation!

As a species we try or pretend to try to prevent the premature deaths of our members.

I suggest to help prevent death we must first track death.  As citizens we should also be aware of how are tax money is spent.  Therefore when the money is spent to kill someone this should be noted in the public record.  This should be important to those in favor as well as those against this use of tax money.

So for example we should have an index of those killed by our weapons in war.  We spend astronimical amounts of money to 'defend freedom' around the world.  It's absurd that we don't get an accounting from our military that we fund with about half our tax dollars.  How much does it cost per enemy killed?  How often did we waste ammo killing civilians?  Are we using a million dollar cruise missile to kill 2 bad guys when a marine could have done it for a days pay?  It doest not matter if your horrified by war or you are rooting for the most kills per buck you are entitled as a tax payer to the information.
I suggest from now on we don't accept the bullshit excuses from the military.  Instead we want the full name address, picture, next of kin where available and circumstances posted online.  If its a 19 year old Afgan at a wedding where stray bullets were fired, thats knocked out with a cruise missile or an entire enclave of Taliban terrorist leaders individually getting their throats slit by our finest special forces, we deserve to know.  We paid for it.  Can you image hiring people to kill for you and you ask, "how did it go?"  and they say, oh its going great we killed lots of bad guys.  "Really, who?", and how much have you spent so far and how many are left to kill before they give up?  I think you get the idea.
Where the military doesn't provide the data perhaps an NGO could.  Maybe we could even have a type of batting average score that is easy to understand.  Which generals have the best average, kills per dollar, plus combatants versus civilians.  Also since we're American tax payers now that Americans suspected of terrorism can be killed by executive order overseas those definitely need to be tracked.  Think about it, potentially American taxpayers overseas would actually be paying to have themselves killed.  Since their would be no trial the least we should expect from the government is a the military strike obituary mentioned above.

Follow up: (Could not find any sites showing most bang for buck on military strikes)

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